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30,000 to 40,000 people have "disappeared" in Algeria since 1993. They are all ages and come from all social backgrounds. Most have "disappeared" after being arrested by security forces, who often act without arrest orders of any kind. Their families continue looking for them and demanding answers from the Algerian government, which has acknoweldged the disappearances but criminalized any expression of concern related to human rights violations in Algeria.

News on the Disappeared in Algeria

Newsletters of the Families of the Disappeared
Bulletin de la Coordination Nationale des Familles de Disparus en Algéri

Report of the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances

Memorandum of the Families of the Disappeared in Algeria
Algeria Watch, French

Report from the Families of the Disappeared of the Department of Constantine
Algeria Watch, French

Who Are the Disappeared? - Case Studies
AI, March 1999 report

Disappearances - the Wall of Silence Begins to Crumble
AI, March 1999 report

Les "disparitions" en Algárie suite à des enlèvements par les forces de sácuritá
Algeria Watch, March 1999

"We Want the Names of the Missing-Repentant"
Interview with Mr. Khelili, from Le Matin


Algeria Watch

Human Rights in Algeria

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