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They took them away. They tore them from the arms of their parents or their children; they kidnapped them on the streeet or at work; they hit them, tortured them, and then...? They tried to completely disappeared them, erase every trait of their existence - so a day would come when nobody would know who they were. They lost. All of them, the disappeared and the killed, remain alive, presentes, in our memory, our conscience and our pages. We will not forget them, the peopl e they were and they the people they did not allow them to be.

We invite you to visit these pages, meet the disappeared, win the battle against the lords of fog. So that this will occur never again.

  • Argentina: Presentes
    Thirty thousand people were disappered by the forces of "order" in Argentina. We keep looking for them. Meet them.

  • Desaparecidos Políticos do RN
    See also the list of disappeared in Brazil.

  • Colombia: Genocide Against Unión Patriótica
    Member of the political party Unión Patriótica have been terribly persecuted in Colombia. The majority of the, specially their leadership, have been disappeared or killed.

  • Chile: Disappeared
    Thousands were disappeared and killed by the Pinochet forces in Chile. Meet some of them.

  • List of Western Saharan Disappearance

  • Listado de algunos desaparecidos tamiles en Sri Lanka

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