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By Martin Murphy
Epoch Times Staff Aug 4, 2008

The United Nations Human Rights Committee released its findings with respect to Ireland's Human Rights record last week.

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) has welcomed the UN Committee’s concluding observations which outlined Ireland’s failure to uphold human rights guarantees under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

EU rendition flight appeal rejected

CIA Renditions , Ireland

The government has rejected calls from Europe's human rights watchdog to step up efforts to prevent American "rendition" flights using Irish airports.

The call came in a report published by the Council of Europe's Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg. He urged Dublin to "take effective measures" to prevent "extraordinary renditions" taking place "through Irish territory and airspace".

But in a formal response to the report, the Irish government rejected the need for more pro-active checks, saying "categoric" US assurances of no rendition flights using Irish territory are enough.

Ire: Greens take aim in rendition row

CIA Renditions , Ireland
Sunday January 27 2008

FIFTH Column loves a good row and it appears that maybe the Greens might, just might, be gearing themselves up for one with Fianna Fail.

An apparent split in Government has emerged over the issue of the suspected use of Shannon airport for rendition flights. The Green Party ministers said that they are "concerned" with the lack of flight inspections at Shannon. The matter is currently the subject of ongoing meetings between Environment Minister John Gormley and Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Eamon Ryan of the Greens and Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan.

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