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Mustafa Tolga recognised his elder brother's remains from the shape of his skull and a damaged tooth.

The retired Turkish Cypriot official wept after describing how family members went to a United Nations facility at the former Nicosia airport last year to view the remains.

"I didn't cry when Ozman went missing, but when I saw his bones laid out on a white cloth on a laboratory table I was overcome with grief," said Mr Tolga.

NICOSIA, Jan 10, 2008 (AFP) - The Cyprus government welcomed a European Court of Human Rights ruling on Thursday that found Turkey guilty of failing to probe the fate of nine Greek Cypriot missing persons.

'The decision of the ECHR is a positive development and the government expresses its satisfaction, especially on a humanitarian issue as sensitive and tragic as this one,' government spokesman Vasilis Palmas told reporters.

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