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Por Apostolis Fotiadis

SARAJEVO, abr (IPS) - "Aún busco a mi hijo. No sé dónde está ni cómo lo mataron. Debo hallar sus restos y sepultarlo con dignidad", dijo Kada Hotic, madre de Samir, quien tenía 29 años cuando desapareció en 1995 en Srebrenica, ciudad bosnia entonces asediada por milicias serbias.

Federation News Agency
30 September 2007

In ten days of work, a team of forensic experts from Tuzla canton searching for the remains of the missing have exhumed 13 complete
and 70 incomplete sets of human remains from the secondary mass grave Zeleni Jadar no. 8, according to Murad Hurtic, the head of the team.

 He stated that work at this grave site had been planned to be completed by tomorrow [Monday], but that the team would continue working at the site least through the end of next week. It is predicted that more than 100 skeletons could be exhumed.

 It is asserted that the remains are those of Srebrenica Muslims killed
in July 1995 in the area of Kravica.

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